International Resort Club

About The Club

What We Do

Here at International Resort Club, we strive to provide the highest quality of service to both timeshare owners and travelers alike. We market and advertise a diverse network of world class resorts that span the globe. Whether you are a corporate traveler looking to upgrade your accommodations to a 5-star resort from a standard hotel, or a leisure traveler looking for the best possible resort stay at the most competitive prices, we can help. Our team of professionals have over 40 plus years of combined experience in the travel industry. With this much experience at our fingertips, we are able to use this priceless knowledge to your benefit. Our inventory features many of the top branded resort names in the world which deliver the highest quality vacation and ownership experiences out there. When planning your next corporate event or family vacation, International Resort Club is the way to go.

Who benefits from our inventory?

Everyone! Many companies sending corporate travelers to business meetings or conventions typically book them in hotel accommodations. Many leisure travelers are looking for accommodations at the cheapest prices which are usually your standard hotel rooms. If both corporate and leisure travelers could upgrade to resort accommodations and still get them at a great price, why wouldn’t they? Resorts offer better accommodations, more amenities, and an overall nicer stay than your typical hotel room. Now combine that with great prices and it’s plain to see why people choose International Resort Club as their go to for resort accommodations.

Looking to rent or purchase vacation ownership?

We market and advertise an inventory of resorts for vacation owners worldwide. Choose a property that you like from our inventory. Then send us a rental or sales request for the interested property. Since it is a for rent/for sale by owner advertising service, we then forward that offer directly to the vacation owner and they choose to accept, decline, or negotiate the offer you sent. Both parties then settle on a price that both are happy with, and that’s it! You get the accommodations, and the vacation owner gets the rental. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Looking to rent out or sell your vacation ownership?

We work directly for vacation owners that are interested in renting out any unused weeks they are not using or selling their vacation ownership in it’s entirety. Vacation owners have two options when it comes to renting out or selling their ownership. They can either try it on their own or hire a company like ours to help them. The difference in both is the exposure we can provide verse what a typical vacation owner is able to do on their own. We market and advertise worldwide online and also face to face through conventions and trade shows. We reach tens of thousands of potential buyers and renters on a global level through our marketing and advertising techniques which give vacation owners the best possible chance at getting offers on their vacation ownership property.

So, when choosing a company to help you travel, rent, or sell your vacation ownership, you want the best. International Resort Club works extremely hard not only to link the connection between buyer and seller but to make both parties as happy in their transaction as possible. So, the next time you are going on a trip, whether it be business or personal, International Resort Club wants to be your go to place for all resort accommodations!