International Resort Club

Club members benefits

Owner Benefits

Many timeshare owners do not understand how their timeshares work or the benefits that are available to them as owners. Our fully trained staff of former executives and employees from the vacation industry, will not only educate you on your benefits but also market your vacation ownership to potential prospects. Knowing what got you into your timeshare is what is going to provide the marketing to draw interest to your ownership.

With over 40 years of industry experience, of course, you could trust anyone to market your vacation ownership, but why? Our dedicated staff will explain and show you how to make your ownership profitable by advertising, selling, or renting your ownership to our targeted market.

As an experienced leader in worldwide travel, we pride ourselves on the dedication and knowledge we provide to you by offering you alternatives for your vacation ownership. International Resort Club, is your number one resource for all of your timeshare rental or resell needs.
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Corporate Benefits

Since traveling is part of most business structures, we here at International Resort Club, have an alternative that will save your company time and money. We understand that getting the most from your dollar is extremely important, especially in today’s economy, and when looking for accommodations, you need a one-stop-shop.

The typical 1- or 2- bedroom resort villas, not only offer full kitchens, dining rooms, and spacious floorplans, for entertaining prospective clients or holding meetings but the amenities and luxuries of the resort. The most expensive hotel can’t offer all this.

Our company not only offers rentals all over the world, but we also have an extensive inventory available for resale. Your company can purchase a week and have access to full owner benefits and your deeded time will allow your company many tax benefits and savings for the future. Contact our dedicated and experienced customer service team for more information.