International Resort Club

Orange County Convention Center

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is home to 115 conventions and trade shows that attract over 1.5 million attendees each year. As the second largest convention center in North America, the OCCC hosts some of the most prestigious conventions and trade shows spanning almost every professional industry. The International Resort Club allow you to conveniently place yourself in close proximity to the OCCC for professional events and networking opportunities, as well as all of the premiere dining, shopping, and attractions that make Orange County one of the top tourist destinations in the world! 


While many in-person events have transitioned to virtual environments, professional conventions and trade shows are unlikely to follow suit. The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry reports that annually, worldwide, there are 32,000 exhibitions that collectively feature 4.5 million organizations for 303 million visitors—all looking to advance their professional goals. In addition to taking part in workshops, demos, and special sessions, these conference attendees are seeking to create professional connections that rely on organic face-to-face interactions to generate leads, form lucrative collaborations, and close deals. The OCCC is committed to facilitating these invaluable experiences while adhering to CDC guidelines to protect the safety of everyone. (Read more: OCCC Recovery and Resiliency Committee Guidelines)


Benefits Large and Small Businesses


While large corporations may appear to dominate the convention and trade show scene, Wall Street Journal asserts that for small businesses, “Conventions will always be one of the most valuable things you can do.” (Read more: Exhibitions Game) Conventions and trade shows are major networking opportunities for your business and an opportunity for you to show off your latest services, products, and niche industry knowledge—while keeping an eye on what your competitors are offering. 


Forbes advises “Nowhere else will you have this many opportunities to learn from the more established, most successful companies in a market or industry. Nowhere else will all their “secrets” be on full display, and nowhere else are you going to be able to get the kind of inside information and insight from their sales and marketing teams—and potentially even high-level executives—with as much freedom and as much transparency as you will at a trade show.” (Read more: Why Trade Shows Are Important For Your Small Business)


The OCCC hosts events that are strategically important to attend for businesses whether your focus is on a major industry or a niche specialization. Visit the OCCC’s Events Calendar to view upcoming opportunities to grow your network and expand.


How IRC Helps Maximize Cost-Benefit Ratio


Conventions and trade shows allow businesses to minimize spending while making connections with professionals to generate leads, keep up with the latest industry advances, and open doors to new possibilities. While data from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research shows that the cost of a face-to-face meeting with a prospect at a trade show is actually cheaper than a meeting in prospect’s office (yielding a savings of $117 per prospect), the total cost of attending a trade show can still be intimidating. 


International Resort Club timeshares are a perfect choice for managing cost and even maximizing your potential engagement opportunities with prospects. Our strategically located resorts will situate you close to the OCCC and its surrounding attractions, where the other industry professionals are looking to network both at the conference and during off-site social opportunities.


Just outside the OCCC, hop aboard the I-RIDE Trolley for a fun and convenient way to see the area with your fellow conference attendees. The OCCC is part of the International Drive (I-drive) Resort Area: over 11 miles of attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, and more. The I-RIDE Trolley will take you and your colleagues to the best spots town to meet for a quick lunch, dinner and drinks with potential clients and collaborators, and even big-name attractions like Disney World and SeaWorld. ICON Park in particular is one of the most popular hubs for conference attendees to congregate offsite. The park features international world-class restaurants to suit every palette, rooftop bars with live music, and plenty of happy hours to choose from. (View the I-RIDE Trolley map here.)


The Bottom Line


When you stay at a standard convention hotel, you’re missing out on experiencing all the local life has to offer and the comfort and amenities of staying at one of our 5-star resorts. A timeshare with the International Resort Club is a smart business decision for companies looking to promote their company by networking at one of the top convention centers in the world—without forgetting the bottom line. Our timeshares are competitively priced to ensure that you can stay within budget and still put yourself at the center of the action when the convention is in town.